Fabian Michael Moran- Vocals/Guitar/Piano

Jake Wilburn- Bass/Vocals

Chris Goodson- Drums/Vocals

Cameron O'Reilly- Lead Guitar/Vocals

“There’s as many atoms in a single molecule of your DNA as there are stars in the typical galaxy. We are, each of us, a little universe.” - Neil deGrasse Tyson

"A Culture of Kindness"

Our band, our music, and our shows are about love, respect, and experiencing something beautiful together. Our mission is to be all inclusive, where strangers come together and bond over this thing we call the human experience.

"One Sets"

One sets are exactly as they sound. Generally traditional rock bills where we perform 45 min-1 hr with 2 to 3 other bands. Separate from our "Party of Unison" concerts where we generally perform 2 to 3 hours.

"the party of unison"

Our unique, grass roots promoted concert series. Special one-off events, filled with surprises, great music, guest performers and artistic partners. An evening where everyone is welcome and encouraged to get know one another. These nights are extra special, never miss a second set!


We want to bring a unique listening experience to our studio recorded work. Each recording is released in pairs. Our first record "Everything is Nothing" was released as 2 disc set. Our sophomore release "The Riot Collection" will be released as a 4 song EP and 9 song LP.  Takes on this format will continue to be our goal.


Little Universe formed in 2017. Rooted in both East Texas and the DFW metroplex, they have quickly made a name for themselves as one of the more solid Texas outfits and have performed on many stages across the state. They pack a versatile arsenal of music, deeply influenced by 60's and 70's classic rock, all the way to modern acts. Comparisons drawn have been very diverse, with fans and peers citing similarities to bands such Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Eagles and The Allman Bros, as well as popular "culture" bands such as The Grateful Dead, Phish and Pink Floyd. They move between riff rock, classic ballads and trippy space numbers with ease, coining the phrase "Half Texan, Half Spacedust" They never call themselves a "jam" band, but rather "A band that jams". Their wide range is a huge source of pride, and they have high hopes that a new generation of listeners can appreciate the organic process of songwriting and musicianship many of the early rock bands hung their hats on. 

Fabian michael moran

Fabian is the brainchild of Little Universe. He has a broad history of fronting bands including previous projects, Early Morning Creatures and Fabian and the Breaks. He is a prolific songwriter and is the soul behind the production, lyrics, arrangement and message of the band. He also performs as a solo artist and session player. His goals are to write music that moves the listener emotionally or creates existential conversation.

cameron o'reilly

Cameron is the texture of the band. His eccentric (but sound in fundamentals) guitar playing, and polished vocals bring the tunes to life. He is a relentlessly hard worker, and developed his craft over years of theory and ear training. No words can explain the emotion he plays in every note. Known as "the Sweetness" by his bandmates, Cameron moves entirely with purpose, but with tinges of improvisation only he could pull off.  His goals are to serve the music and use his talents to provide the listener a truly organic and beautiful experience.

jake wilburn

Jake is the pulse of the band. You can't meet him and not feel his energy. His bass playing is only rivaled by his big personality. He literally lives the rhythms he's pumping. Watching him lock in and move on stage forces the listeners to tap their feet and bob their heads, largely involuntarily. He is known to his bandmates as "The GIngernaut". His goal is to physically move the listener with every bass line.

chris goodson

Chris is the heartbeat. He is a classically trained and highly proficient drummer. He locks in effortlessly to any type of song, with technicality, subtlety, and power. He glues the group together, even as he gives highly energetic performances to the crowd. He is know to the band as "Baby Duck Badson". His goal is to drive the music forward, leaving the listener stomping out and clapping every beat.

Little Universe is often accompanied by auxiliary musicians as well, most notably:

 Nick Schaefer- Guitars/Organ/Saxophone/Backing Vocals


 Taylor Tatsch (of Shadow of Jets/Cut Throat Finches)- Guitars/Organ/Harmonies/Backing Vocals/Percussion 

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