If you are reading this, let me first thank you for your time and welcome you to the Extended Universe!

Here, I plan to showcase my love of music, science and philosophy in a series of different ways.

About a year ago, I stumbled across the idea to start a band called Little Universe. The name itself sparked a creative fuse in me, the likes I have never known. 

This blog is an extension (pun fully intended) of Little Universe.

Extended Universe is first and foremost an opportunity to shed light on the immense talent that surrounds me. It is second, an opportunity for me to share about my own personal creative projects and thoughts.

You will notice a menu bar, so here is a quick navigation breakdown. I wanted to be sure that you can read what you'd like, not that of which I force upon you:

  • Artists: Here I will leave links to all artists that are mentioned in any post, as well as showcase their content.

  • Features: Here you will find one on one interviews with great local artists, venues, friends who I think do cool things, and people in general who may have a shared interest or two with myself or readers.

  • Local Reviews: Here I will review local singles, EP's and LP's. And showcase songs and artwork from the albums.

  • Musings: If you are interested in knowing what goes on in this brain, here is where you will find it!

  • Little Universe News: Here I will shamelessly plug my band and keep you up to date on our doings :)

  • Contact: Please, Please, Please hit this button. I would love to hear from you for general conversation, criticism or any ideas you think are worth a write up.

Thank you,

Fabian Michael Moran

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